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Ignite Software Policy
  • Registering our Software
    Our software is shareware.  Shareware is the concept of "try before you buy" in that you are given a certain number of days to evaluate the software before it expires.  We hope that you find our products of high quality and decide to register with us.  Click here for your registration options.

  • Registration Numbers
    Once you have decided to register our software, you will be sent a registration number to the email address you provided.  This number is important!  Make sure you print out and save the registration number when you receive it, just in case you ever need to reinstall the program on a different computer with the same AOL/AIM account.

  • Unblocking your E-Mail
    In order for us to send you your registration number, we need to be able to send it to you! :)  Please make sure that in your AOL email preferences you have the AOL screen name "Ignite Software" (no quotes) unblocked.  If you have never blocked any email, or you don't know about this AOL feature, then you shouldn't have a problem.  If you ordered Extreme Messenger and do not use AOL, make sure that your email account will accept email from IgniteSoftware@aol.com.
     We cannot be held responsible for users that register but have their email blocked.  If we find that you have forgotten to unblock "Ignite Software" (IgniteSoftware@aol.com) from your mail preferences, we will try our hardest to reach you another way, but we make no guarantees of any sort if we cannot email you your registration.

  • Watch your email box for your Registration
    Once you have ordered, watch for your registration!  It will be sent via email from screen name Ignite Software (IgniteSoftware@aol.com).  Online orders are usually fulfilled within 24 hours of purchase, so keep your eyes peeled!

  • Cancelled AOL Accounts (Eclipse Fader, Extreme IMs)
    If your AOL account is canceled, discontinued, or changed for any reason and you have previously registered under another account (a different master screen name), then you are entitled up to 2 free registration numbers to replace the previous account(s).  Please note that your previous account must be cancelled in order for us to provide you with a new free registration number.  Please remember that we provide up to 2 new registration numbers for previously cancelled accounts.  If you require a third, you must re-register the program.

  • Create a New Account for a current Screen Name (Eclipse Fader, Extreme IMs)
    The type of AOL account that allows you to use a screen name from a previous account will not work with the same registration number as the one provided initially under your original account.  In order for you to use our programs past the trial period on this newly created account from a previously registered account, you must re-register the software.  You may have only one active account per registration.

  • Deleted AIM Screen Name (Extreme Messenger)
    We cannot provide replacement numbers for deleted or unaccessable screen names.  If you forget your registration number for your current registered screen name, we will gladly re-email it to you, but we cannot provide a replacement  registration number.  If you need to register a new screen name, you must order another from the Extreme Messenger Registration form.

  • Refund Policy
    Unfortunately, we are unable to issue refunds for previously purchased products.  Please be aware that once a registration number has been issued, there is no way for us to recall or rescind a registration number that has already been issued.  Once a registration number has been issued, there is no way for Ignite Software to be guaranteed that the product has been uninstalled and is no longer in use.  The whole concept of shareware is that the program may be evaluated FREE for an extended period of time.  This is to ensure that the program is working to satisfaction BEFORE payment is submitted for the program.

  • Program-Specific Policy
    We provide a license agreement in the installation program that you must agree to in order to install the program.  This agreement provides the terms of use policy for our software.  Please read it before you install. :)