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Extreme Messenger Features!

Extreme Messenger - Add style, power, usability, and fun to AIM!

Check out what Extreme Messenger can do for you...

  • Enhanced IMs & Chat Rooms - With Extreme Messenger, all your IMs and chat conversations are organized into one easy window with a multitude of features at your fingertips!

  • Color Fade your IMs, Profile, and Away Messages - Extreme Messenger has a color fader so you can blend your text colors in your IMs, chat conversations, profile, and even away messages!

  • Completely Customize your Buddy List® - Extreme Messenger hides the annoying ads on the buddy list®, and allows you to hide nearly every useless button on the AIM Buddy List for a clean uncluttered look! (screenshot)

  • IM and Chat Logging - Automatically record your conversations with our logging features!

  • Transparent Windows - Make your Buddy List®, IMs, or chat a see-thru window!

  • Away Message Scheduler - Schedule your Away messages to appear at any time, even when your away from your computer!

  • AIM Profile Fading - Now you can add faded colors and colorized text to your personal AIM Profile!

  • URL Toolbar for AIM Today - Now AIM Today is more useful than ever!  Navigate to anywhere on the web using the URL Toolbar for AIM Today!

  • News in your IM Window - With the click of a button you can have the latest late-breaking news right inside your IM window!

  • Send Files Easier - Want to send a file to a friend?  Simply drag and drop the file onto the IM tab and Extreme Messenger fills out the path for you!

  • Save Buddy Email Addresses - Using the Buddy Notes feature, you can now save the email addresses of the people you talk to.

  • Extensive Customization Options - Extreme Messenger comes packed with tons of customization options, so you can adjust it to your preferences.

  • Buddy Nicknames - Assign Nicknames to your friends - A fun tool and an easy way to remember people online!

  • ... And so Much More!  Download Now and Experience Extreme Messenger!

  • Screen Shots - Find out what it looks like!

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