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Extreme Messenger Online Help

Extreme Messenger - Add style, power, usability, and fun to AIM!

Extreme Messenger Help Contents

Introducing Extreme Messenger
A note from the author of Extreme Messenger for AIM.

Starting Extreme Messenger

The Registration Form
Explains the different parts of the Registration form.

How to Register

How Much Does it Cost?

General Options
Adjust the appearance and features of Extreme Messenger.

Nickname Options
Learn how to assign nicknames to your friends!

Banner Options
Learn how to change the banner on your buddy list
, and how to create your own!

Logging Options
Discover the powerful logging features in Extreme Messenger

Using the Log Viewer
Explains the different parts of the log viewer.

Using the Enhanced IM Window
Explains how to use and access the features of the enhanced IM window.

News in your IM Window

Send Files to Friends Easier Using the Enhanced Chat Window
Explains how to use and access the features of the enhanced chat window.

The "Extreme Messenger" Banner

Learn about the Extreme Messenger buddy list

Creating New Banners
Learn how to create new banners for your buddy list

Hide/Show AIM Ads
Learn how to hide and show the ads on your buddy list

Checking for Updates
Learn how to check for the latest version of Extreme Messenger!

Using the Fader
Learn how to use the Chat Room and IM faders!

Turning the Fader On/Off

Selecting a Preset Fade

Creating and Editing Fades


Introducing Extreme Messenger!

            Welcome to Extreme Messenger!  Congratulations on finding and installing the premiere enhancement for the AOL Instant Messenger software.  You may want to start out by browsing the Table of Contents to find out everything that Extreme Messenger can do for you!

          In short, Extreme Messenger makes AIM easier, more powerful, and more fun!  The first thing you'll notice is the enhanced organization of the IM and chat room windows.  Every Instant Message and chat room has its own tab and label and are compiled into one feature-rich window, making your IMs and chat rooms more powerful and accessible.

You can also add a little color to your chat and IM conversations with the built-in automatic fader! Other features such as automatic conversation logging and accessible options from the IM and chat window enhance the usability and power of AIM.

Words simply don't do justice in describing the richness of the features in Extreme Messenger.  Feel free to explore our program, and experience the fun, easy-to-use features of Extreme Messenger! :)

I sincerely hope that you enjoy using Extreme Messenger as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you. :)

Warm Regards,

Joe Jordan
Ignite Software

Starting Extreme Messenger

          Extreme Messenger can be started in a variety of ways.  If you chose to install the Extreme Messenger desktop icon, it should appear on your Windows Desktop now.  It says "Extreme Messenger" and looks like a yellow diamond.  Double-click on it and Extreme Messenger will load.

          You can also load it by clicking Start -> Programs -> Ignite Software -> Extreme Messenger

Extreme Messenger Starts with Windows

By default, Extreme Messenger is loaded with windows when you turn on your computer.  If you want to turn this feature off and load Extreme Messenger only when you need it, you can disable the windows startup by Going to the Extreme Messenger Options window, selecting the "General" tab (its the first one) and unchecking the "Start with Windows" option under preferences.

The Registration Form

          When you first load Extreme Messenger, you will see a colorful and attractive introduction screen.  Once the loading has completed, a registration window will appear.  Near the top you will see a box.  This box is used to register the software.  Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a number to type into that box.  This will register the program and remove the annoying 5 second delay and nag screen at startup. 

Below the registration box, you will see a message that says how many days you have left in your trial period.  After 15 days, you will be able to start the program, but instead of being able to continue your 15 day evaluation, you will have the option to either Exit or purchase Extreme Messenger.

Getting Past the Registration Screen

          There are 2 ways you can get past the registration screen.  The first is to purchase a registration number that will be emailed to you (usually within 24 hours of ordering).  Input the registration number and you will never have to see the registration screen again.  The second way is to press the "Continue Evaluation" button on the lower left-hand side of the form.  Please note that after 15 days you will not be able to continue using the software until you purchase a registration number.

How to Register

In order to register, startup Extreme Messenger, and when the Registration Screen appears, click on the Order Securely Online button.  You will then be asked to select a screen name, and in continuing the order you will be sent to a secure server where you can register Extreme Messenger Online.

Click Here to Purchase Extreme Messenger Securely Online!! 

          All questions regarding our software policy, as well as many other questions, can be answered by visiting our Software Policy page at IgniteSoft.com.

How Much Does it Cost?

          Extreme Messenger is a shareware program.  You are given 15 days to evaluate the program to determine if you like Extreme Messenger enough to use it after your evaluation period has expired.  After your 15 day trial has ended, the program will not work until you purchase a registration code.

Registration is a one-time fee of $12.95!

What benefits do you get from registering Extreme Messenger?  Unlimited usage!  By purchasing, you will be able to use Extreme Messenger as long as you have your registered screen name, free of nag screens and the 5 second delay at startup.

Registration will also promote further development and enhancement of the program, but most of all, will give you the personal satisfaction of doing the right thing! :)

In order to register, startup Extreme Messenger, and when the Registration Screen appears, click on the Order Securely Online button.  You will then be asked to select a screen name, and in continuing the order you will be sent to a secure server where you can register Extreme Messenger Online.

Click Here to Purchase Extreme Messenger Securely Online!!

General Options

          Your General Options are where you can customize the appearance of your IM and chat room window and set specific preferences on how you want Extreme Messenger to work.

Where are the General Options?

You can show the General Options several different ways.  The quickest way is to click the Options button near the bottom left of the enhanced IM window.  If you do not have an IM open, you can load the options by clicking the Extreme Messenger banner on your buddy list and selecting Show Options.


            Align Tabs - This option will align the tabs in the IM and chat room to either the left or right.

          Position  Tabs - This option will position the tabs in the IM and chat room to either the top or bottom of the window.

          Received IM Notification - This option allows you to change how the tabs will look when you receive a new message while looking at another IM.  If you choose Use Yellow Arrows, the IM will show a yellow arrow when you have a message waiting for you to view.  If you choose Color Tab Background... you can have the ENTIRE TAB change color.  You can edit this color by selecting the color chooser button.


            Tab Switches IMs - When checked, pressing the tab button while in an IM will switch to the next IM automatically.  You can also hold down the shift button to go to the previous IM.

          Tab Switches Chats - When checked, pressing the tab button while talking in a chat room will automatically switch to the next chat room quickly and easily.  Hold down the shift button to reverse the process.

          Hide Buddy List Ads - When checked, Extreme Messenger will hide the ads built in to the buddy list window.  This will clean up your buddy list look as well as give you more space for your actual buddy list.

          Use Multiple Tab Rows - When checked, when you have multiple IMs open, the tabs will appear in several rows instead of just the top row.

          Start with Windows - When checked, Extreme Messenger will start itself up when Windows starts.  You can turn this off by unchecking the option.


          Start AIM on Load - When checked, Extreme Messenger will start AIM for you when it starts (if it is not already open).

          IMs Always on Top - When checked, your Enhanced IM WindowUsingtheEnhancedImWindow will float on top of all other windows.


          Chat Always on Top - When checked, your Enhanced Chat WindowUsingTheChatWindow will float on top of all other windows.

          Always ask before Exit - When checked, Extreme Messenger will ask for confirmation before exiting.  To exit Extreme Messenger immediately, uncheck this option.

Nickname Options

          Your Nickname Options allow you to assign nicknames to the screen names that you talk to.  So instead of seeing the screen name in the IM tab, you will see instead the nickname you assigned!  This makes remembering the people you talk to much easier!

Where are the Nickname Options?

          You can quickly and easily assign Nicknames by right-clicking on the IM tab and selecting "Edit Nickname" from the menu.  If you want to edit and delete nicknames, load the options and select the Nicknames tab.

Where do the Nicknames appear?

          When you assign a nickname to someone, it appears in the tab associated with the IM.  This makes it much easier to recognize when friends IM you!  Right-Click on the tab to assign a nickname to the IM.

Nickname Options

          You have full access and control over what nicknames are assigned to screen names.  By loading up the options and selecting the Nickname tab, you can manually edit or create nicknames at any time - not just when the IM is open.

          Add/Edit Nickname - Type in the screen name, and the nickname you want associated with it.  Click the button and the nickname is automatically updated.

          Delete Nickname - This will delete the selected nickname from the list.

          Refresh List - This refreshes the Nickname list - especially useful if you have edited several names while the Options window is open.

Banner Options

          Using the Extreme Messenger Banner options, you can change the look of your buddy list window!  Extreme Messenger comes loaded with many different looks for your AIM Buddy List banner - you choose which one you like best!

Where are the Banner Options?

          You can access the banner options in several different ways.  The fastest way is to simply Right-Click on the Extreme Messenger banner on your buddy list and click the "Change this Banner" button.  You can also reach it by clicking the banner and selecting "Change Banner".

Selecting a Banner

          Once you load up the banner options, choosing one is point-and-click!  You can use the scroll bar to the left to scroll through the images.  Once you see one that you like, simply click on it and the banner on your buddy list will change.

Creating your Own Banner

          It is possible to create your own banners and use them as your buddy list banner in Extreme Messenger.  Simply create an image that is 25 x 138 pixels in size.  Make sure that you create or convert the image to BMP, JPG, or GIF format.  Once complete, copy the image to the Program Files\Extreme Messenger\Banners directory.  Start up Extreme Messenger and load the banner options.  Your image will then be loaded along with any others that are in the Banners directory.

Would you like to share your custom banner with the world?  E-mail your custom banner to IgniteSoftware@aol.com and your creation may just make it into the next release of Extreme Messenger! :)

Logging Options

          Extreme Messenger comes with powerful conversation logging options.  By default, Extreme Messenger logs both your chat room and IM conversations.  The logging takes place when you close the IM/chat window and the process is completely transparent!  You won't even know it happened until you check out your log files.

Disable Logging

          You can easily disable IM and chat logging from the respective windows.  Click the Options menu (next to File, Edit, Insert, People) and either check or uncheck the Log your IMs or Log your Chat option.  A check means it will automatically log.  You can also turn this feature off by loading the options and clicking the Logging tab.  From there you will see the check box to enable/disable IM logging.  Click the Chat Logs tab to enable/disable chat room logging.

HTML Logging

          Extreme Messenger gives you the ability to record either the plain text or with all of the original colors and fonts that appear in your conversations.  By default, Extreme Messenger logs the HTML in your IM conversations, and just the text for your chat room conversations, but you can turn these on or off at any time.  Simply check or uncheck the Log IMs as HTML or Log Chat as HTML to enable and disable this feature.

View your Logs

          Viewing your log files is point-and-click!  Simply select the folder you want to view the contents of, and then double-click or click the View Log button to view the recorded conversation.  The log file is then displayed using the Extreme Messenger log viewer.

Deleting your IM Logs

          You can delete log files in one of two ways.  You can delete each file individually by opening a screen name or chat room folder, selecting the file you want to delete and clicking the "Delete Log" button below.  To delete an entire folder and the logs inside it, highlight the folder and click the "Delete Selected Folder" button.

Using the Log Viewer

          The Extreme Messenger Log Viewer is a fairly simple window that allows you to view, print, and resave your IM and chat room conversations.

Re-saving your logs is an easy two-step process - Click Save As... from the File menu, and find a place to save it.

Printing your Logs

If you want to print your logs, make sure a few things are in place before you do so:  First, make sure your printer is turned on and paper is loaded.  Second, note that you must have a color printer for the HTML colored logs to appear in color.  Easy enough. :)

The Log viewer also has a feature called "Always On Top".  This feature when enabled will allow the log viewer to float above all other windows.

Using the Enhanced IM Window

          Extreme Messenger enhances your AIM Instant Messages by adding new, powerful features not included in your standard AIM software.  One of the first things you'll notice when you send or receive an IM is the enhanced window that your IM is in.  When using the enhanced IM window, each IM has its own tab with the screen name or nickname (if assigned) as the text. 

          Also, when you receive a new IM and the tab is not selected, the arrow will turn yellow (or the tab will change color.. you can choose which in the General Options).  Want to switch over to another IM?  Click the IM tab with your mouse or press the tab button on your keyboard!

The IM Options Menu

          IM Color Fader On/Off - This menu option allows you to turn the IM fader option on and off.  When its on, the text you type in the chat room will automatically be faded using whatever color blend you have selected.  You can choose from a pre-made list of color blends or create your own.  For more information on using the fader and creating your own fades, click here: Using the FaderUsingTheFader

          Away Message - From here, you have quick access to your away messages.  No more searching for your buddy list to turn a message on when you step away - now you can do it all from one window!

          Show Options - This will load the Extreme Messenger main options window.  For more help with the options, click here:  General OptionsGeneralOptions

          View your IM Logs - This option will automatically show your IM logs and files.  For more help with logs, click here: Logging OptionsLoggingOptions

          Log your IMs - When checked, your chat room conversations will automatically be recorded.

          Send Buddy Chat - Sends a chat room invitation to all of the people you are currently talking to.

          Always On Top - When checked, the Enhanced Chat window will float on top of all your other windows.

          New IM: - Want to send someone an IM?  Simply type their screen name here or select it from the drop down list and press enter.  A new IM will automatically be opened and addressed to the person you typed!

          About... - Shows your Extreme Messenger version info. and if you are a registeredHowToRegister user or not.

          Messenger Help - Shows this Help file. :)

Features Bar

          The Features Bar is located near the bottom of the window.  From here you can load the Options window, turn on/off the IM fader, and tell your friends about Extreme Messenger.