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Extreme Messenger for AIM

Extreme Messenger - Add style, power, usability, and fun to AIM!

New Version 1.7.5
Fully Compatible with AIM 5.5!


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Extreme Messenger appeared in the June issue of PC Magazine! 

Extreme Messenger "... gives you more control over AIM. It adds skins to IM windows, lets you give your buddies nicknames (which appear on tabs in the IM window), and, while the IM window is not in the foreground, even pops up ephemeral windows showing the text of any messages you sent. You can also set alert words; if you receive an IM containing an alert word, a window pops up."

Latest Versions & New Features!

  • Version 1.7.5 is Now Available!

Now Featuring A completely customizable Buddy List window, Away Message Scheduler, transparent windows, conversation logging, chat color fading, enhanced AIM Today, IM skins and styles, colorful backgrounds, fade sharing, alert words, IM pop ups, and much much more!

NEW!  Works with AIM 5.5!
- Version 1.7 adds support for the newest versions of AIM! -

Other features include pop up IM Messages, Alert Words, and color faded Away Messages!


Extreme Messenger Version History

All Updates are free to registered users!

  • Don't have AIM yet?  No Problem! AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is a FREE download and will work with your existing AOL Screen Name.  Get it at AIM.com!

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